Martha’s Vineyard island, known to be a summer retreat for the Obamas, the Clintons and Spike, reminiscent of lobster rolls and beach parties…adds laughter to the list of vacation memories. Every August—when African-American cultural pride is at it’s peak on the island, the annual Martha’s Vineyard Comedy Fest takes center stage. Each year some of the hottest comedians on the circuit which has included Damon Williams, Tony Roberts, G., AJ Jamal, John Henton, Pierre, B-Phlat, Tony Tone, Howie Bell, Chastity Washington, Honest Williamson, Michael Coylar, Gary “G-Thang” Johnson and many more, perform original stand-up comedy.

But the Fest is much more than a comedy event. It’s truly one the island’s few social experiences social interaction and unity among middle-to-upper-class African-Americans. There is no summer of Martha’s Vineyard where you can find an abundance of high-profile African-American professionals, actors, writers, athletes, business owners and good folks who congregate to enjoy galleries, theater, dance, speaker series and, of course, comedy in such a wonderfully casual environment.

The annual Martha’s Vineyard Comedy Fest is produced and managed by Knock-Knock Productions, a company that specializes in producing sponsored-driving stand-up comedy events nationwide.

Black Comedy Month, a celebration-a century in the making

A black comedian walks into a club in Martha’s Vineyard and Black Comedy Month (not a joke, rather it’s a long overdue celebration of how Black comedy has contributed canon.

Black Comedy Month, celebrated annually each August, was created by the Fest’s owner Steve Capers, to provide a historical perspective on the place Black comedy and comedians entertainment industry; celebrate African American comedic genius; provide a showcase and established comics to hone and share their craft, and most importantly to make Black Comedy Month’s vehicle to promote comedy country (and the world) shows, movies, plays, and highlighting not just African comedians, but also celebrating make comedy the multi-industry it is today.

That promoters, club owners, and of course fans. Black will have Through the use of digital and social media, the team behind Black Comedy Month will conversation about African American comedy, that includes exploring its history and is going. Each generation has had a unique experience with Black comedy beginning and minstrel shows of the early 20th century with Bert Fields; to the advent of silent characters like Stephin Fetchit; to the Harlem Renaissance with comedians like Nipsy variety television with “Amos and Andy and the Beulah Show; to liberated comedy from liberation comedy from Dick Gregory; to Richard Pryor, Whoopi Goldberg, the Wayan Townsend, Chris Rock to Dave Chappelle to Kevin Hart. Each generation of comics has zeitgeist of the time to entertain and inform. Black Comedy Month will provide the laughs.

In his book Black Comedians on Black Comedy: How African-Americans Taught Us to Littleton, explores the history of African American comedy and how it is always “pushing elevating the conversation, messaging inspiration, and increasing the discussion.” Black will create opportunities for this type of boundary shattering conversation as well as guffaws and side-splitting laughter.

Black Comedy Month debuted as part the 7th annual Martha’s Vineyard Comedy Fest August 7, 2017.
Forums for Black comedy are in no short supply in this country, but a national platform preserve the history of Black Comedy and discuss its future was. No longer, Black Comedy here. Join us for the celebration and for the laughs.