About Us

Martha’s Vineyard island, known to be a summer retreat for the Obamas, the Clintons and Spike Lee…and reminiscent of lobster rolls and beach parties…adds laughter to the list of vacation memories with its annual Martha’s Vineyard Comedy Fest.

Every August—when African-American cultural pride is at its height—the “Fest” takes center stage as it hosts one of themv1 island’s premiere summer attractions.  Each year the “Fest” showcases some of the hottest comedians on the circuit which has included Damon Williams, Tony Roberts, Rudy Rush, Roz G., AJ Jamal, Pierre, Tony Tone, Howie Bell, Chastity Washington, Honest John, Jeremiah Williamson, Michael Coylar and many more.

But, the Fest is much more than a comedy event.  It’s truly one the island’s few social experiences that bolsters social interaction and unity among middle-to-upper-class African-Americans. There is no summer enclave outside of Martha’s Vineyard where you can find an abundance of high-profile African-American professionals, politicians, actors, writers, athletes, business owners and good folks who congregate to enjoy galleries, live music, films, theater, dance, speaker series and, of course, comedy in such a wonderfully casual environment.

The annual Martha’s Vineyard Comedy Fest is produced and managed by Knock-Knock Productions, a Chicago-based company that specializes in producing sponsored-driving stand-up comedy events nationwide. Our vision is to become the nation’s premier promoter/producers of live stand-up comedy events, tours and festivals that feature your favorite comedians and comediennes.