Marc Henderson

Yes, he does stand 5’5″ tall, but there is a lot of comedy in this small stature of a man. Marc Henderson, burst on the comedy circuit six years as an open mic’er in his native hometown of Chicago, quickly realizing that he had a God given talent. With so many African American comics being influenced by many black comedy television shows, he aspired to do something different. He wanted to perform his comedy without profanity. Being raised with a strong Christian background, he had to stay true to the values and teaching instilled in him. Marc displayed that the profanity and explicitness doesn’t make the comedy, but the delivery of the topic is where the real humor is.
Marc’s comedy is made up of such subjects as, being single, life from a short perspective, working crazy jobs and different experiences at church. The most appealing thing about his comedy is that it’s refreshing and appeals to all audiences, no matter their age, color, religion or height. Always knowing that laughter is good for the soul, he knew that his comedy act would be more then just for the comedy clubs. . He has already brought laughter to several church organizations and corporate functions across the United States. He has also made a television appearance on B.E.T’s Comic View, Streaming Faith’s it’s time to laugh and Black Family Channel’s God Ain’t No Joke. Marc has also toured on the Laughalujah christian comedy tour.

Marc’s overall quest is to spread the joy of laughter to as many crowds as he is able to perform in front of. So watch out for this hot and upcoming comic in your town. And remember the next time you’re looking for something BIG in comedy, start off small. About 5’5″tall. Because, “Good comedy comes in small packages!”