Mike Bonner

Any length of conversation and one starts to figure out
that Mike Bonner is moving through time at a pace all his own. Sometimes it’s
accelerated even when it seems slow. For instance, where most comedians start
with comedy as their forte and evolve into entertainment moguls, Bonner started
out with a love for the performing arts; “I was a theater brat, I did glee
club…anything that would get me on stage.” Eventually, that passion for
the arts at large would distill itself into a poised and seriously funny comic.
His roots in theater create a dynamic of funny on stage that use Bonner’s whole
being as a vehicle for his set. Body language, random interludes of singing, &
physical comedy all play a supporting role to the top billing: the jokes. 

Bonner is inspired by his experiences
as a husband and father on a quest for the ideal nuclear family. His comedy is
equally inspired by failures and rock bottom observations from a perspective
that give Bonner a Midas touch. His penchant for interpreting life experiences
in a way that is universal as much as it is comical has landed him
opportunities to perform in front of diverse audiences in his hometown of
Detroit and abroad. With a career spanning two decades, Bonner has featured as
a comic on BET’s Comicview, Comics Unleashed, writer and performer for P. Diddy
Presents the Bad Boys of Comedy and a litany of other TV, stage & radio

Bonner’s career as a comedian
predates the popularity of “urban comedy”. After honing his talents at the
Comedy Castle, a popular venue in Metro Detroit, Bonner began to recognize the
need for a specialized experience in comedy for members of his community. This
inspired an entrepreneurial spirit, leading Bonner to produce his own comedy
showcases inside the city limits. This not only created opportunities for
comedy fans to enjoy themselves in a more urban suited atmosphere, it also
created opportunities for up and coming comics to cut their teeth, fall on
their face and eventually base their successes all in the house that
Bonner built. It is in that same spirit of looking back & reaching forward
that Bonner continues to forge meaningful work relationships with other
veterans & new comers alike.